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Credit Matters with Stephanie

Credit is one of your greatest financial powers. In order to strengthen it you must first learn it to build it, and only then can you leverage it to make it work for YOU! ​​​ 

You're here because you are ready to fast track your goals by learning how to manage your finances or leverage your credit and use the banks money.

This site is designed to be your one stop shop for tools, resources, tips and tricks, bonuses, PLUS one to one credit coaching options. 

Finances and credit can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Don't know where to start? Click the link below to schedule a call!

Now that you're apart of the Credit Club, you now have access to the amazing tools and helpful resources at your fingertips to help guide you on the road to financial freedom!​ ​ 


Only you can take action to make your financial dreams your reality!


What is your next goal?

Within Credit Matters Credit Club, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to build the life that gives you the stability you desire.

Click one of the options below to access more information and get started on your individual path to financial success!

Purchase a home

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Clean Neighborhood
Pay down debt

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Organize finances

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Leverage my credit

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Purchase a vehicle

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Access more cash

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Stephanie offers professional advice as well as custom action plans to help her community gain the knowledge and confidence to make smarter financial decisions, be educated in financial literacy and credit metrics to be prepared to qualify for loans in less time than figuring it out alone.

Plant in White Pot

"Through educating our communities in financial literacy and credit metrics, we essentially plant one tree to grow a thousand branches."

Let's Grow Your Vision

Working together will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to make smarter financial decisions, be educated in credit metrics, and be prepared to qualify for loans to leverage the bank's money in less time!

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Taking the Key
Young Family
Financial Report
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